Holtger Bros., Inc. is a family owned and operated OSP utility contractor that specializes in:

  • Communications
  • Power
  • Gas/Water/Sewer

Holtger Bros., Inc. was founded in 1946 and is a family owned and operated full service utility contractor. Today the company operates with approximately 150 employees in the peak season providing outside plant services for various telecommunications companies, private fiber networks, school districts, the DOT, and municipalities all over the country.
The size and scope of our projects vary from small maintenance repair to hundreds of miles of new construction. In addition, we offer 24x7 emergency response to our customers. Our extensive fleet of equipment allows us to place thousands of miles of cable throughout the country year in and year out.

Our Capabilities

HBI’s core business is OSP telecommunications construction. We thrive on the fast pace this industry provides and have the flexibility, knowledge, and experience to adhere to our customers wants and needs right now. 
Being able to provide a quality product supported by strong customer service is what HBI provides every one of our customers with. HBI focuses on the quality and ensures that our team members are properly trained in following the specifications set forth so the product is built correctly and safely.

Available Services