Our History

Mr. Ken Holtger (1921-1989) founded HBI in 1946. The business was located in Klondike, Wisconsin. He worked for Wisconsin Bell on a local basis in Northeastern Wisconsin placing buried cable, conduit, and manholes. In 1953, a partnership was created when his brother, Donald J. Holtger (1928-2014), joined Ken. They continued to work for Wisconsin Bell with moderate growth in both personnel and geographic area. The company was incorporated in the State of Wisconsin in 1963 under the name of Holtger Bros., Inc.

In the late 1970's, Donald J. Holtger's sons, Donald G. and Jeffrey J., joined the company. During the 1980's HBI continued to grow and by 1990 had a work force of around 50 employees and acquired additional customers. In addition to continued work for Wisconsin Bell, construction was performed for Cellcom of Wisconsin, GTE, Oconto Electric Cooperative, and Bayland Telephone.

In 1989, business operations were relocated to our current headquarters in De Pere, Wisconsin, upon completion of a 10,000 sq. ft. shop/office building. This facility is built on 27.82 acres of land located at 950 West Main Avenue. In 1990, Donald J. Holtger retired from active participation in the company and turned control over to Donald G. Holtger and Jeffrey J. Holtger.

HBI has expanded its area of expertise into copper and fiber telephone, fiber and coax hybrid CATV, underground and overhead electrical. Today the company has approximately 150 employees during the peak season and currently has license and/or has performed work in Wisconsin, Michigan, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, Alabama, and New Mexico.

HBI is a goal-oriented company that looks to the future for further expansion of its knowledge and experience. HBI's mission: To continue providing the highest quality service for its customers.