Nothing is so important that we will jeopardize the safety of our employees, our customers, or the communities where we work. At the start of any project, we make sure we know where existing utilities are located before construction is started. Our highly trained employees are provided with the needed information, guidelines and tools to keep our job sites safe; including PPE, standard WAP, Employee Handbook, OSHA Excavation Standard Handbook, and Employee Safety and Training Handbook.

Safety is part of our culture

At HBI, safety training is continuous. With ongoing monitoring and coaching from our safety department and field management, safety comes second-nature to our team. Our full-time safety training manager visits every crew to ensure they are practicing appropriate safety measures, from proper signage and workwear to following guidelines set forth by OSHA, DOT, our customers, and our own company.

When we leave a job site for the day, we ensure it’s secured to keep the surrounding community from harm.

HBI also has a zero-tolerance policy on drug and alcohol use.
We require a pre-employment drug screen for all
positions and our commercial drivers are in a
national pool for random drug and
alcohol testing.

HBI training programs

HBI recognizes that training and education of workers is a vital part of our health and safety program. Our employees must have the knowledge and skills to do their work in a safe manner. Safety instruction is provided to all employees and is required to be followed. HBI employees receive on-the-job training to stay trained and refreshed on all safety practices.  In addition, we conduct safety training sessions on numerous topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Standard WAP
  • Fire Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Trenching & Shoring Safety
  • Buried Utility Safety
  • Traffic Control Safety
  • Manhole Testing Safety
  • Equipment Safety - Loading/Unloading
  • Bucket Truck Safety
  • Personal Outdoor Safety (such as poison ivy and extreme temperatures)

With our extensive safety training programs, we provide employees, customers, and the community peace of mind while we’re on job sites.

Caring for OUR customers and THE COMMUNITY

Our job is not just to satisfy our customers, but to satisfy their customers as well. We keep the end client in mind as we perform our work, by leaving our job sites looking the same or better than when we started. In addition, safety is our first priority—safety for our employees, customers, and the communities in which we work. Click here to learn more about our safety practices.

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